How To Measure Linen Curtains?

How To Measure Linen Curtains?

How To Measure Linen Curtains?

Choosing linen curtains is easy when you look for color or the thickness of the fabric. But what about the measurements? It is hard to decide on the length and the coverage you want. So, we prepared a few steps, three exactly, to help you while measuring for future linen curtains.

Choosing Your Linen Curtain Length

It is essential to know what length of linen curtains you want. There are three ways to hang your new linen curtains; it all depends on the look you are going for. 

Above sill - linen curtains like these have about 1 cm (0.4") space above the windowsill. Let's call them "shot curtains," usually hung in the kitchen or where the area is not required for floor-length curtains.

Below the sill- these linen curtains are longer and can end about 15 cm (5.9") below the windowsill. Curtains like these are great for small rooms or office rooms. 

Floor-length - linen curtains like these are the most prized ones. The standard floor linen curtains end about 1 cm (0.4") above the floor. It will mainly look good in the bedroom. 

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Are you thinking about the style of linen for your curtain? Let us give you some ideas HERE.

Measure for Width

When you determine the length of your curtains, you need to measure the widths of the window. Usually, curtains are made about 2 to 3 times the final width of your window measurement. 

It is easy to calculate that. First, measure window width and then multiply by 2 or 3 to achieve a look of proper fullness. We can put it in a formula: window width x 2 or 3 = curtain width. 

One more thing, there are three complete types for curtains. If you want standard fullness, multiply the measured width by 2. If you want premium fullness, multiply by 2.5, and if you want extreme fullness, multiply by 3.

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So, you have determined the length and calculated the width you need for your linen curtains. Now the fun part - styling. There are many different curtain hanging styles, but the most popular ones are "tunnel" and "tie top" finishes. "Tunnel" curtain finish is more traditional: inside the hole, you put the rod and then hang the linen curtains. 

You can also choose the "tie top", which is more modern curtain finish and ads an extra charm to your bedroom or living room. Usually, you just tie the fabric pieces on the rod and hang the linen curtain. For more tips on how to hang curtains, click here.

White linen curtains – how to take care of this elegant linen piece?

A lot of people love the color white. We love it too. It gives us a sense of purity, innocence, neutrality, cleanliness, elegance - the list is endless. But when you combine linen and white color, you have something very magical. 

But the thing is that sometimes it can be a challenge to clean the white curtains, especially if it is a linen curtain. Of course, we are not saying that linen is impossible to clean - it is not. But we say that some traditional ways, like using bleach, can damage your linen curtains, and there is no return. 

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Why do we say that using bleach can damage linen? 

Well, linen, as we all know, is a natural material. Also, linen is known for its longevity and durability. And harsh chemicals like bleach can weaken the fibers. So, here are some tips on how to make sure your white linen curtains are in the best shape possible:

There are a lot of ways to clean white linen curtains without using harsh chemicals. You can use natural acidic elements, like lemon, soda, and a bit of water. While spot cleaning your linen curtains, make sure you clean them from the back of the fabric. Then you can throw it in the washing machine.

Machine washing. All linen curtains can be washed in the washing machine. Linen does not like hot water, so a cold setting is ideal. The temperature of the wash water should be lukewarm, no hotter than 40℃ (104℉). When washing linen curtains, you need to wash them separately from all the other fabrics and use a gentle cycle and a laundry detergent free of fragrances and dyes. So washing it alone gives the linen a change more room in the water, it helps to become cleaner.

Air dry or steaming. You can use the dryer - but we do not recommend it; it can weaken the fabric. Instead, try to dry the linen curtains; if you put them in direct sunlight, it will help lighten them and keep them naturally white without using harsh bleach or other whitening chemicals. If you want more wrinkle-free linen curtains, you steam them or iron them. Since linen is prone to wrinkling, this step will give your curtains more crips and a professional look. 

Now is your turn to choose linen for your curtain. If you need any help. Let us know HERE, and we’ll rep you asap.

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