Curtains are essential parts of home decor that can set the tone and feel of a room. The good thing about curtains is that they can be placed in any room of your home - bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room.

Since blinds are such a versatile piece, you can find a variety of light and airy, substantial and decorative, solid colours and prints. When curtains are chosen properly, they help create a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics. Of course, not only the style of the curtain is important, but its material is equally important.

Linen Curtains.

One of the special materials is linen. Linen is considered a versatile textile; you can use it almost anywhere. Having linen curtains as an element in the home makes it more cosy. It is an aesthetic look that curtains give; Practicality is also key in linen curtains.

In this article, we will show you how to choose and care for linen curtains.

Why are linen curtains so popular?

Heavy-weight Rose Bouquet Floral Vintage Printed Linen

As we all know, linen has great benefits, from breathability to durability. This fabric is timeless and suits everyone's needs. That's why linen curtains can come in many different varieties because of their versatility.

Overall, the popularity of linen is mainly due to its reputation as one of the finest. One great thing about linen is that it may look rough at first, but it gets softer and more durable with each wash.

Not only the colour but the thickness of the linen curtain is a necessary factor; if the fabric is thicker, the yarn count will be higher to make the curtain thicker. So, generally, linen curtains are divided into three types light, medium and heavy linen.

Let’s check some styles at our store and find out the best fabric you want.

Light linen curtains.

Orange Floral Vintage Printed Linen

This type of linen is considered absolute linen. It is ideal for daytime curtains. These double-width curtains make it easy to create a nicer look in your space.

Light and airy materials can be very seductive, especially in small rooms or children's rooms. In addition, it will look good in the common space. It can be a middle ground between the heavier stuff in interior design. Daylight linen curtains are traditionally light in colour, so they naturally open up the room.

Medium linen curtains.

This is the perfect combination of heavy and light linen curtains. It can create more privacy and can also expand colour choices. Linen curtains of medium thickness create a vibrant backdrop in any room.

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Thick linen curtains.

plain heavy-weight linen

The thickness of linen curtains is often used for night curtains in the bedroom. It is a more durable material than lightweight linen curtains. It is perfect for busy households while offering a modern classic look.

Thick linen curtains are the perfect solution if you need to get rid of any light emanating from the street or neighbour's apartment. Also, very useful during summer days when the sun rises in the early morning.

When choosing linen curtains, the best formula for choosing the right linen curtains is window width x 2 or 3 = curtain width. It will help you create the completeness of the curtain against your window frame.

The style of your home space depends not only on the curtains but there is no denying that linen curtains complete the look you aim for. If you want to see or get inspired to decorate your space with linen pieces, you can find more options in the living category.

Now, it’s time for your turn. Let's choose the fit linen fabric you love here.

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